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Wow! Anyone else pull a sympathy wince for Vegeta and Goku last night?

First off, Vegeta overhearing Bulma’s lack of faith in him over and over again and to their own fucking kid and his rival’s

Vegeta’s like, “Or me, right? You mean me first? Why you mentioning Kakarrot and not me?”


AND HE JUST CLENCHES HIS FACE IN BETRAYED AGONY. And to add insult to injury, she’s also saying this after seeing him fight! This would hurt even if Vegeta didn’t take himself so seriously, you can’t help but feel bad for the guy! He snaps to scream at her to shut up, just when he’s interrupted for The Plot, but this tidbit was really dramatically satisfying and I’m glad to see some interesting friction in their relationship–Veggie’s own wounded pride aside, that’s some hurt from his woman and you KNOW he’s gonna wanna prove her the fuck wrong. But Bulma wasn’t the only one bustin’ chops! 

Sure, everyone’s surprised, like, whoa dude, you losing your touch?Chichi takes that to a whole other level tho:

…..Fuckin SAVAGE!

I about spat out my drink. I like Chichi, but that is literally the meeeaaanest thing she’s ever said. That shit was Spartan. EVEN VEGETA WAS FEELING IT. I’m gonna wait and see if the DBS Manga is gonna have Cruel-Chi too, but in the meantime, let’s give these guys some senzu beans for their busted fucking balls.

This actually makes my heart hurt a little bit. I love the dramatic tension here but I am also hoping my there is actually going to be some kind of pay off and he does get the chance to prove her wrong. Otherwise it’s just further beating up on the guys dignity damn.

I’m going to assume we’re talking about Vegeta here when I agree and say 👆👆


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