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hi here are some random “the mad doctor’s wonderful world of evil” hcs:
- everyone in toon world loved it bc look two “evil” dorks with their own homemade show with this rlly authentic feel and cardboard cutouts and catchy songs whats not to love
- doc and prescott were both rlly invested in it
- they have that couch for guests but the guests are, again, cardboard cutouts
- “we have a very special guest with us today!! please introduce urself”
*slow zoom out from the doc to reveal that one cardboard cutout of oswald looking grumpy on the couch*
“u’re not very talkative are u”
- “prescott how good is your impression of oswald”
- all voices are done by 2 ppl
- in one episode they deliberately replace prescott’s amazing drawings with doc’s stick figures. they blame it on “budget issues”
- they blame a lot of things on “budget issues”
- remember that thingy with all these pictures of various characters haphazardly put together? doc did that one. he tried pouring glue all over the thing b4 prescott had to come in and give him the scotch tape
- 30 seconds of doc doing his thing and prescott’s horns sticking out from the bottom of the frame b4 prescott notices he’s not in the frame and flies up to doc’s height
- running gag where prescott finishes his sentence with a word that doesnt rhyme with anything and doc starts to continue singing and then freezes with his mouth open trying to come up with a rhyme while prescott has the most shiteating grin possible
- mickey comes back from wasteland and is met by conspirologists trying to figure out this one-hit-wonder of a show and where did it come from and where did it go and maybe the thing they were playing up about “taking over the airwaves” was true. honestly there is no official mention of it anywhere on the internet wtf.
- there’s a petition to bring it back
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