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This was heart breaking. The last thing they saw before being killed was someone who looked exactly like their father/husband. Damn. Brutal. Probably
the darkest thing we’ve seen so far in this series.

Don’t wanna hear anymore bullshit about Goku not caring about Chichi! When Zamasu smugly explained that he murdered Goku’s family with his own body, Goku was pissed….really pissed! When was the
last time we saw Goku get like this? The Frieza saga maybe. Actually surprised this rage didn’t
trigger a new form.

…sigh…how do i even begin to explain how I felt about this episode…???

Okay not gna lie I came in not expecting much especially after last week’s (unintentionally?) underwhelming Gochi-bashing(?). But the moment Zamasu and Black went down with their fusing ki-attacks and those gimungous explosions, I was already flailing my arms. 

The moment I saw this flashback, I got chills. I don’t really get disgusted by things but for the first time since future Bulma’s death in DBS I felt genuinely horrified. Horrified that it had to end that way in that timeline shortly after Goku was revived again after defeating Buu. Horrified that this happened so shortly after that ruckus last week when the fandom took its…beating(?)… (hopefully you all know what im talking about). Horrified to see Goku getting impaled the same way Vegeta did very shortly before. Horrified that Chichi, and her child was so brutally murdered by someone who takes the form of her husband.Horrified  to see the look of terror in her eyes as the last image burned into her memory was her husband’s face twisted by some foreign evil. 

But out of this dark, dark moment in the series, the anger that Zamasu evoked in Goku was so damn glorious! It was even enough to numb his injury (a hole through his body) for those needed minutes after *claps hands*. And I couldn’t help but rejoice over the retribution the Gochi fans must be feeling for witnessing Goku’s righteous anger over the death of his wife and child(ren?) in the other timeline, esp after last week. He truly cares. HE TRULY CARES AND… that…THIS scene… truly gave me chills. Fuck you mean toei he never kissed his wife? PSH

And don’t even get me started on how HYPED I was to see Trunks getting angry in this ep!!! I really need these subs asap… it must’ve been pretty intense since it sparked this…psuedo-SSGSS/ultimate transformation thing? It really reminded me of teen Gohan’s transformation from back in the Cell saga, and Broly when he loses control. ANYWAYS> GAH. I’ve been holding these feels in all day, wow what a crazy episode *phew* 


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