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hi here are some random “the mad doctor’s wonderful world of evil” hcs:
- everyone in toon world loved it bc look two “evil” dorks with their own homemade show with this rlly authentic feel and cardboard cutouts and catchy songs whats not to love
- doc and prescott were both rlly invested in it
- they have that couch for guests but the guests are, again, cardboard cutouts
- “we have a very special guest with us today!! please introduce urself”
*slow zoom out from the doc to reveal that one cardboard cutout of oswald looking grumpy on the couch*
“u’re not very talkative are u”
- “prescott how good is your impression of oswald”
- all voices are done by 2 ppl
- in one episode they deliberately replace prescott’s amazing drawings with doc’s stick figures. they blame it on “budget issues”
- they blame a lot of things on “budget issues”
- remember that thingy with all these pictures of various characters haphazardly put together? doc did that one. he tried pouring glue all over the thing b4 prescott had to come in and give him the scotch tape
- 30 seconds of doc doing his thing and prescott’s horns sticking out from the bottom of the frame b4 prescott notices he’s not in the frame and flies up to doc’s height
- running gag where prescott finishes his sentence with a word that doesnt rhyme with anything and doc starts to continue singing and then freezes with his mouth open trying to come up with a rhyme while prescott has the most shiteating grin possible
- mickey comes back from wasteland and is met by conspirologists trying to figure out this one-hit-wonder of a show and where did it come from and where did it go and maybe the thing they were playing up about “taking over the airwaves” was true. honestly there is no official mention of it anywhere on the internet wtf.
- there’s a petition to bring it back
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Oswald: Sure I lost my heart, but my wife and kids are here, and I have all these friends now! What can go wrong?

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don’t think about Oswald constantly feeling out of place at Disneyland because he knows he was never meant for that place and that place was never meant to be his

don’t think about Oswald missing being in Universal/Wasteland because even though he has bad memories of that place and he had to stay there against his will, it’s just been so long that that place is all he knows

don’t think about Oswald wanting to be close to his brother but being unable to because he HATED Mickey for DECADES and even though he doesn’t WANT to hate him anymore he just can’t get rid of all that resentment overnight and he hates himself for it

don’t think about Oswald living with the constant, crippling fear that Mickey will eventually forget him like everyone else in his life did

don’t think about Oswald purposely holding himself back from anything good ever happening to him out of fear of having it all torn away from him AGAIN

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Concept art for an early exploration of a possible Epic Mickey 3 from the portfolio of Danny Moll mostly focused around Jungle Book and Robin Hood and bringing Minnie and Ortensia into the adventuring fold.

I’m actually pretty underwhelmed. Epic Mickey’s biggest weakness is that it never used the concept of Wasteland as a realm home to unused concepts, genuine obscurities, and extinct attractions to its full potential. 2 was incredibly short and really lacked any ambition to expand the setting outside “What parts of Disneyland did we miss last time?” and introduced no new forgotten/rejected characters in favor of focusing inward on the established population of male Gremlins (with no introduction of Fifinellas and Widgets), generic animal people, pirate recolors, and characters from super iconic shorts that have no business being forgotten citizens of Wasteland (The Lonesome Ghosts and Three Pigs).  

If 3 was gonna just be a four player Kingdom Hearts using Tetsuya Nomura’s table scraps, then good riddance. At the very least, Epic Mickey has the positive legacy of reintroducing Oswald and encouraging Disney to try acknowledging their history in new projects again like the restorations of the Orange Bird (who Warren Spector thought was somebody getting the Aracuan’s name wrong in a Facebook Q&A) and Hatbox Ghost or how Marvel decided to kick off Disney Kingdoms with Museum of the Weird (Which would have been really great to see in Lonesome Manor) and the original Imagination (You could make an entire Epic Mickey game based around Epcot alone, extinct attractions and the city). We probably won’t be going back to the Wasteland ever again, but at least it looks like some things are crawling out of it.
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endless list of favorite video games 1/?                                                  ↳Epic Mickey

“Oswald and Mickey are in some ways each a mirror for the other. Brave, resourceful and good of heart. I hope they become friends and perhaps more. Perhaps even brothers.”


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