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Well, I’ve seen some exciting progress despite these down moments. Though it’s still slow since the show ended and the reruns stopped airing (thanks, Disney, thought you did that to let reruns make more money but did the opposite).

We’ve made at least 250 supporters (currently 283+) on Thunderclap to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter

Plus the 27th Monthly Tumblr Trending Day at the same time and day at 8 PM EDT on October 27th

We have 37,200+ signatures and still growing steadily

Some Keyrings by @peepsqueak have been made to give to kids to be aware of the show and our efforts

Wander’s Face Water Art to be drawn by Disneyland custodian staff around the park for kids and visitors to see and record them amongst other Disney characters (thanks to @alicia-lvn and @extraordinarycircus / Kyra Kupetsky). I call this a BIG achievement in getting the word out to Disneyland visitors to be aware of the character and the show despite not airing reruns.

Dave Thomas noted that the support for Wander has been going on some time from the inside and outside of the Disney studio. And some have been trying to keep the show on the air and even keeping some of the WOY staff at the studio which is “REALLY unusual”

One of the fans dressed as Wander was at a Comic Con where she got pics with kids, and they and their parents are aware of the campaign and are interested in helping anyway possible. First small steps in reaching out to kids respectfully.

Keep in mind that the 107 Facts about Wander Over Yonder is in production and on the calendar as confirmed by Channel Frederator, has yet to be posted on Fridays or Sundays at any time when ready.

There’s also the SaveWOY Picnic at the Grffith Park (NOT the iconic Observatory Area) on November 12th at 11 AM.

The Operation FanBoom is still in editing mode, and might be posted anytime soon.

7 Current Episodes of Wander are still up on the Watch Disney XD App and Online. 2 of them from S1 and 5 of them S2. Basically, it’s 2 episodes ahead of some XD shows with 4-5 episodes. I know a few have more episodes based on their current airings, but still.

The Disney Personalization Shop STILL has the Wander customized merchandise and an EASY guide to find it so you won’t mistake it that it’s gone forever. Thanks to @wanderin-over-yonder for the easy path to it!

Let’s not forget that we have Internet famous graduate animators, Kyra Kupetsky / extraordinarycircus and @vivziepop / Vivienne Medrano in full support of this show. They also have a huge Podcast style vlog about its impact, the animation style, thoughts on Craig’s S3 plans and theories, and also the SaveWOY movement

And we still know that mails are still making good progress if slow or picking up a bit to keep Disney informed. Plus some kid-made letters have been a big help!

So that’s a lot of good things happening in the middle of the frustrating moments Wander and past cancelled shows with campaigns have went through. It’s not over when the last fan says it’s over. Dead.

We still have to remember how Hey Arnold fans kept up the groove to get Nick to make The Jungle Movie for a few years when they became adults and got their wish to see it on Nick next year with Craig Bartlett back. How Samurai Jack still built its fandom and buzz through the years to convince Genndy Tartakovsky (and once partner to Craig McCracken in The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory) to go to Cartoon Network to try and end Samurai Jack right, and got that privilege, as an Adult Swim show.

AND let’s not forget that Kim Possible made history in having the fans make petitions, mails, purchases of available merch. and DVDs (wish it’s still considered today for current shows), to make Disney renew it for one more season as the old 65 episode rule prevented highly rated shows from making more seasons (until now that the highly rated shows can have their extended seasons on DC and XD). They made it possible within less than a year or sooner, we can do the same sooner even if it takes a few years or even a decade towards nostalgic peak where today’s kids will become adults, and some would discover our campaign and join in the fun to really want to see how the show ends in the best way possible.

Let’s not give up, Wanderers! Let’s make this show the 2ND Disney animated show in history to be renewed for another season by popular demand! Bob and Mark (co-creators of KP and developers of Big Hero 6 The Series) would be surprised if we kept going with this.

Let’s get Disney to see that Wander has potential to be popular like Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Milo Murphy’s Law (ratings will need to catch up, DC premieres might help), and Star Vs., that kids will be engaged.

Let’s keep spreading the word to any non-fan, parent, kid, and other fans who might want to help.

Let’s get Disney to see the demand through our efforts buzz and money wise with kids and families happily wanting to see more so that they might reconsider, renew Wander for one more season, and allow Craig McCracken back on board with some key players who get the show’s tone, characters, and stories, and make S3 out do S1 and S2 the best way possible to show further development, conflict of a new threat on Wander worse than Dominator, a Hater backstory, and a satisfying conclusion in ways Gravity Falls managed to achieved.

Let’s give Craig McCracken’s Wander Over Yonder the recognition it deserves for many days, months, and years to come!

@savewoy @woyseason3 @kiddoryder @thefandump @orbaljuice @cerise-the-traveling-artist

Reminder of what Season 3 could’ve been as hinted by Frank Angones
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October’s Trending Twenty-Seventh will be expanding from Tumblr into Twitter and Facebook. It will be much harder to get it trending on those websites but it never hurts to try. Wander already has an established fan base on Tumblr but there aren’t as many of us on Twitter and Facebook so our first step will be to raise more awareness. 

So to focus on the Facebook and Twitter part of October’s Trending Twenty-Seventh, I have set up a new SaveWOY Thunderclap. We will still have the prompt for Tumblr and schedule a post on that prompt. But this thunderclap will basically serve as our starting point for expanding Trending Twenty-Seventh to other social media sites. As well as the thunderclap, I encourage you all to create your own WOY/SaveWOY posts on the day as well. 

The Thunderclap is also set to launch at 8pm EDT on October 27th. For the Thunderclap to work it needs at least 250 supporters. So please support it using your Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook accounts and also spread awareness for the Thunderclap.
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opening scene of “the rager” gives me courage!!
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Sylvia: Where’s Wander?!

Peepers: Where the fuck do you think he is. He’s out having a goddamned musical number with Lord Hater, that’s where he is. I haven’t even been watching them. For all I knew when I pushed that button it’d show Wander being tortured, but of course not, of course they’re singing a song or having a tea party or making out a little in the corner or something like that. I’m done. Go ahead and punch me, I am out of fucks to give.
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My favorite thing about Wander Over Yonder fandom is people speculating endlessly on the intricacies of Watchdog anatomy like this isn’t a show where a character responded to electrocution by turning into a sentient bucket of KFC.
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Listening to this song will really help enhance the comic!

So, here it finally is!!! Gosh, this took a heck of a lot longer than I had originally planned. But I think it was well worth it!

Right before “The End of the Galaxy” aired, I knew I wanted to do a tribute to WOY but wasn’t sure what to do. Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know has always been a favorite song of mine, but when I discovered the Lily Allen cover of it, everything clicked!

I’m very bad at explaining how I feel, but I hope that by reading this comic you guys understand what my feelings are towards this show. It’s a show that I can always go back to when I’m not feeling the best. It’s very comforting to know I have something in my life that can do that.

So, thank you! Thank you to Craig and everyone who helped make this show! Thank you for making a show that is not only smart and fun to watch, but a show that is filled with an infectious kindness that is really needed today!

Also, a big thank you to Weevmo for their wonderful and inspiring comic! I fell in love with that comic and song combo,  hope they don’t mind I did one myself!

Their amazing comic!
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I’m going to miss this show so MUCH

So many thanks to the WOY staff and Craig McCracken for taking us all on such an amazing journey! Maybe we’ll see more Wander someday soon…
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An enemy’s just a friend you haven’t made yet!
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Registration for the second SaveWOY mailing campaign is now open. Please register here -

This mailing campaign will be bigger!

Remember the first mailing campaign, ‘200 Reasons to SaveWOY’? We ended up sending roughly 175 letters to Disney through that campaign and that was Tumblr exclusive and we only had half the supporters that we have now. This campaign will be advertised to all 35,000+ supporters.

What’s the plan?

I won’t release any information here as Disney have been seen checking in and I don’t want them to know the plan yet. But the idea is that I will provide a template that fans will then need to print off (or copy onto paper) and mail to Disney over in America. You will only need to mail off one letter. I will email you the information along with the template. It’s up to you whether you still want to take part or not after that point. I will create another form afterwards to find out the final number of letters sent.

When will this campaign launch?

I’m looking at the start of September, once the 30 day SaveWOY email campaign has ended. That also gives fans plenty of time to register.

Why should I take part?

The more letters that get sent to Disney, the higher the chances of success and the more #SaveWOY will get noticed. I need fans from all around the globe to take part!

Have mailing campaigns worked in the past?

Yes! TV shows such as Kim Possible, Star Trek: The original series, Jericho, 

Cagney & Lacey, Roswell, Friday Night Lights and Designing Women were saved thanks to mailing campaigns along with petitions. However we will need a lot of letters so I really, really need everybody’s help!

I can’t send letters but is there any other way I can help?

Yes there is! I understand that not everybody is able to send letters but it would be a big help if you could help spread the word about this mailing campaign over social media.

This campaign isn’t something that only a few fans can pull off. I need everybody’s help. From sending letters, spreading awareness and strengthening other parts of the #SaveWOY campaign. Even the smallest of things can be a big help! We as a fandom need to come together and work as a team. 

“As long as we’ve got each other we’ve still got a shot. Together there’s nothing in the galaxy we can’t do”.

Ok you guys, time to get those pens and paper envelopes!
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I’m watching He-Man, and I honestly think I picked the best episode I possibly could have

Dont talk to me or any of my sons ever again


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