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if you ever feel unimportant just read this page on the blues clues wiki
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hillary clinton is albus dumbledore (ridiculously qualified, smart as hell, powerful, kind of shady, probably would say “the ends justify the means”, maybe a little morally grey but overall the best and most respected person for the job)

donald trump is gilderoy lockhart (dumb as shit, inflates his accomplishments, has an ego the size of russia, somehow people like him anyway???, is taken seriously by absolutely 0 actually qualified people, no one can figure out why the hell he’s even here)

how do i unread this
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Halloween is nearly upon us, so I decided to do one of those haunted house memes to celebrate. I thought this particular one was very fitting. XD
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hi here are some random “the mad doctor’s wonderful world of evil” hcs:
- everyone in toon world loved it bc look two “evil” dorks with their own homemade show with this rlly authentic feel and cardboard cutouts and catchy songs whats not to love
- doc and prescott were both rlly invested in it
- they have that couch for guests but the guests are, again, cardboard cutouts
- “we have a very special guest with us today!! please introduce urself”
*slow zoom out from the doc to reveal that one cardboard cutout of oswald looking grumpy on the couch*
“u’re not very talkative are u”
- “prescott how good is your impression of oswald”
- all voices are done by 2 ppl
- in one episode they deliberately replace prescott’s amazing drawings with doc’s stick figures. they blame it on “budget issues”
- they blame a lot of things on “budget issues”
- remember that thingy with all these pictures of various characters haphazardly put together? doc did that one. he tried pouring glue all over the thing b4 prescott had to come in and give him the scotch tape
- 30 seconds of doc doing his thing and prescott’s horns sticking out from the bottom of the frame b4 prescott notices he’s not in the frame and flies up to doc’s height
- running gag where prescott finishes his sentence with a word that doesnt rhyme with anything and doc starts to continue singing and then freezes with his mouth open trying to come up with a rhyme while prescott has the most shiteating grin possible
- mickey comes back from wasteland and is met by conspirologists trying to figure out this one-hit-wonder of a show and where did it come from and where did it go and maybe the thing they were playing up about “taking over the airwaves” was true. honestly there is no official mention of it anywhere on the internet wtf.
- there’s a petition to bring it back
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new genre concept: soft apocalypse

the world as we know it has ended and mother nature starts taking back what’s hers. there are no zombies or cannibals or murderous bandits. the most valued members of the community are those who know how to garden and farm, sew and weave, treat wounds, work wood or build with bricks, cook from scratch. 

people bond together to begin rebuilding instead of killing each other. everyone teaches each other whatever they do know and works together to figure out the stuff none of them know. books become incredibly valued resources because they’re often the only way to learn critical information. if someone is elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to work at the same level as most of the community, they’re taken care of by the others, not told any sort of “survival of the fittest” bs.

as the generations ware on, communities begin expanding into small cities. some of the settlements even find ways to repurpose solar or wind power on a small scale and have electricity in some of their buildings. storytellers wander the countryside telling tales of the old world in return for some hot stew or a place to rest for the night, and the mythos of the new world start to incorporate elements of the past. the only thing that remains constant is that humans survive, and they do it by working together.
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Sort of a sequel post to this, which I made forever ago. Signs that would be put up around Circus Baby’s Pizza World, you know, if it had opened.
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#DisneyXD we want to #SaveWOY so we can see #WanderOverYonder return for a third season. Let Craig finish his story.
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Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition #2



I’m honestly gonna miss him.
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Oh i get it now.

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Can you not?

AHG, I fucked this up!

omfg I’ve seen the high school musical post about 15 times and I’ve never understood why it had so many notes. Now I finally understand

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There is a trend I’ve noticed that smut fics tend to be much more popular than anything else and honestly I just want to have something to look at to remind myself and that writing doesn’t have to have sex to be worth putting out into the community.
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Well, I’ve seen some exciting progress despite these down moments. Though it’s still slow since the show ended and the reruns stopped airing (thanks, Disney, thought you did that to let reruns make more money but did the opposite).

We’ve made at least 250 supporters (currently 283+) on Thunderclap to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter

Plus the 27th Monthly Tumblr Trending Day at the same time and day at 8 PM EDT on October 27th

We have 37,200+ signatures and still growing steadily

Some Keyrings by @peepsqueak have been made to give to kids to be aware of the show and our efforts

Wander’s Face Water Art to be drawn by Disneyland custodian staff around the park for kids and visitors to see and record them amongst other Disney characters (thanks to @alicia-lvn and @extraordinarycircus / Kyra Kupetsky). I call this a BIG achievement in getting the word out to Disneyland visitors to be aware of the character and the show despite not airing reruns.

Dave Thomas noted that the support for Wander has been going on some time from the inside and outside of the Disney studio. And some have been trying to keep the show on the air and even keeping some of the WOY staff at the studio which is “REALLY unusual”

One of the fans dressed as Wander was at a Comic Con where she got pics with kids, and they and their parents are aware of the campaign and are interested in helping anyway possible. First small steps in reaching out to kids respectfully.

Keep in mind that the 107 Facts about Wander Over Yonder is in production and on the calendar as confirmed by Channel Frederator, has yet to be posted on Fridays or Sundays at any time when ready.

There’s also the SaveWOY Picnic at the Grffith Park (NOT the iconic Observatory Area) on November 12th at 11 AM.

The Operation FanBoom is still in editing mode, and might be posted anytime soon.

7 Current Episodes of Wander are still up on the Watch Disney XD App and Online. 2 of them from S1 and 5 of them S2. Basically, it’s 2 episodes ahead of some XD shows with 4-5 episodes. I know a few have more episodes based on their current airings, but still.

The Disney Personalization Shop STILL has the Wander customized merchandise and an EASY guide to find it so you won’t mistake it that it’s gone forever. Thanks to @wanderin-over-yonder for the easy path to it!

Let’s not forget that we have Internet famous graduate animators, Kyra Kupetsky / extraordinarycircus and @vivziepop / Vivienne Medrano in full support of this show. They also have a huge Podcast style vlog about its impact, the animation style, thoughts on Craig’s S3 plans and theories, and also the SaveWOY movement

And we still know that mails are still making good progress if slow or picking up a bit to keep Disney informed. Plus some kid-made letters have been a big help!

So that’s a lot of good things happening in the middle of the frustrating moments Wander and past cancelled shows with campaigns have went through. It’s not over when the last fan says it’s over. Dead.

We still have to remember how Hey Arnold fans kept up the groove to get Nick to make The Jungle Movie for a few years when they became adults and got their wish to see it on Nick next year with Craig Bartlett back. How Samurai Jack still built its fandom and buzz through the years to convince Genndy Tartakovsky (and once partner to Craig McCracken in The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory) to go to Cartoon Network to try and end Samurai Jack right, and got that privilege, as an Adult Swim show.

AND let’s not forget that Kim Possible made history in having the fans make petitions, mails, purchases of available merch. and DVDs (wish it’s still considered today for current shows), to make Disney renew it for one more season as the old 65 episode rule prevented highly rated shows from making more seasons (until now that the highly rated shows can have their extended seasons on DC and XD). They made it possible within less than a year or sooner, we can do the same sooner even if it takes a few years or even a decade towards nostalgic peak where today’s kids will become adults, and some would discover our campaign and join in the fun to really want to see how the show ends in the best way possible.

Let’s not give up, Wanderers! Let’s make this show the 2ND Disney animated show in history to be renewed for another season by popular demand! Bob and Mark (co-creators of KP and developers of Big Hero 6 The Series) would be surprised if we kept going with this.

Let’s get Disney to see that Wander has potential to be popular like Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Milo Murphy’s Law (ratings will need to catch up, DC premieres might help), and Star Vs., that kids will be engaged.

Let’s keep spreading the word to any non-fan, parent, kid, and other fans who might want to help.

Let’s get Disney to see the demand through our efforts buzz and money wise with kids and families happily wanting to see more so that they might reconsider, renew Wander for one more season, and allow Craig McCracken back on board with some key players who get the show’s tone, characters, and stories, and make S3 out do S1 and S2 the best way possible to show further development, conflict of a new threat on Wander worse than Dominator, a Hater backstory, and a satisfying conclusion in ways Gravity Falls managed to achieved.

Let’s give Craig McCracken’s Wander Over Yonder the recognition it deserves for many days, months, and years to come!

@savewoy @woyseason3 @kiddoryder @thefandump @orbaljuice @cerise-the-traveling-artist

Reminder of what Season 3 could’ve been as hinted by Frank Angones


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